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Top 10 [Magento Development] Companies in Dallas for 2023

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x cube labs

[x]cube LABS is a leading digital transformation agency in the US, Europe, Asia & India. With a team of 600+ people, they focus on customer experience, application modernization, product engineering, and data lakes. They help enterprises innovate and disrupt markets with a sharp focus on...

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Fluid Rank

FluidRank's team comprises innovative and analytical experts, creative artisans, and passionate entrepreneurs specializing in web design and eCommerce. With a revenue generation of over 450 million dollars, FluidRank is a leading name in the industry.


Agency Partner Interactive is a technology-based marketing and development company that helps businesses achieve their goals. The team has over 50 years of experience in website design, development, and marketing. They provide high-quality services at an affordable cost and are dedicated to helping clients succeed...

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DigitalHype is an IT service provider that helps businesses from various industries, such as Healthcare, IoT, Fintech, and Ecommerce, to create digital products. They have a team of top talent with technical and soft skills who deliver quality services on time while maintaining effective communication...

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Anderson Collaborative

Anderson Collaborative is a data-driven digital agency that solves marketing problems with future strategies. The team specializes in online marketing, web development, media planning/buying data management/analytics, public relations, and brand strategy.


Magic Logix is a transformative marketing technology agency that uses innovative design, sophisticated coding skills, and intuitive marketing strategy to deliver agile marketing solutions. They aim to transform human behavior into consumer action with consistently predictive results.


ioVista is a digital marketing and eCommerce development firm. They work with major eCommerce platforms such as Adobe Magento, Big Commerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce. By developing highly functional user interfaces and experiences, ioVista has assisted B2B and B2C brands in shifting to a digital-first world...

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What is the average number of reviews & ratings for Magento agencies in Dallas?


The average number of reviews and ratings for Magento agencies in Dallas is 5 reviews per 4.5 ratings. These reviews reflect the experiences and satisfaction levels of clients who have utilized the services of these agencies.

What are the average hourly rates for Magento agencies in Dallas?


The average hourly rates for Magento agencies in Dallas can vary depending on project complexity, agency expertise, and market dynamics. However, the average rates typically are around $110-$149/hr, giving you a general idea of hiring such agencies' costs.

What is the average project size for Magento agencies in Dallas?


The average project size for Magento agencies in Dallas is $5,000. These agencies are equipped to handle projects of various sizes, from small-scale initiatives to large-scale endeavors. They have the expertise and resources to deliver effective solutions to meet specific project needs.

What is the average employee size in Magento agencies in Dallas?


Magento agencies in New York maintain a diverse workforce, with an average of 10-49 employees. This ensures they have the necessary talent and skills to efficiently handle client projects, delivering high-quality results within the specified timeframe.

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