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Collideascope specializes in optimizing websites on a technical and content level to increase traffic and leads. They also help develop search marketing strategies for businesses to ensure their marketing efforts result in increased traffic and leads in the future.


Kreativ Marketing is a Google-certified digital media agency based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They specialize in SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing, and content creation. They build customized marketing strategies to meet each client'sclient's unique needs.

Web Possible

A digital marketing company called WebPossible focuses on bringing clients into your business. It is a website design company situated in Michigan that is fixated on assisting clients in expanding their businesses through top-notch websites and laser-focused online advertising. They provide a wide range of...

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High Level Marketing

High-Level Marketing is a Google Premier Partner with over 10 years of digital marketing expertise and 100+ specialists. They help small and mid-sized businesses accelerate their growth by providing customized marketing strategies. With over 500 five-star reviews online, High-Level Marketing is a trusted local digital...

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trademark productions

Trademark Productions is a web development, design, and digital marketing agency based in Royal Oak, MI. They provide honest and experienced advice that generates real-world results for clients. Trademark Productions offers web development, SEO, and social media marketing services to help businesses achieve their goals.

Smart Rabbit

Smart Rabbit is a digital marketing agency established in Detroit that specializes in creating Google ads and websites for small businesses looking for a local competitive edge. They work closely with their clients to develop a strategy that makes sense and offer services such as...

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KARMA jack is a digital marketing agency with experts specializing in various fields, such as social ads, SEO audits, content creation, and website development. They help businesses grow and achieve a high return on investment. With a Detroit work ethic and the output of a...

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Hexagon Creative

Hexagon Creative is a branding agency based in Detroit that is value-driven, focused, and ambitious. Each of the six sides of their logo represents a principle of their company, representing a framework that has allowed them to work with some of the most recognizable brands...

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Ignite Media

Ignite Media is a digital marketing agency specializing in web design, SEO, social media, broadcasting and media production, photography, and videography. They believe in real results and meaningful connections and aim to enhance their client's awareness, improve sales, and foster growth. Ignite Media offers expertise...

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Clear answers to your complex questions

What is the average number of reviews & ratings for SEO agencies in Michigan?


The average number of reviews and ratings for SEO agencies in Michigan is 4.9 ratings per 7 reviews. These reviews reflect the experiences and satisfaction levels of clients who have utilized the services of these agencies.

What are the average hourly rates for SEO agencies in Michigan?


The average hourly rates for SEO agencies in Michigan vary depending on project complexity, agency expertise, and market dynamics. However, the average rates typically are around $100-$149/hr, giving you a general idea of hiring such agencies' costs.

What is the average project size for SEO agencies in Michigan?


The average project size for SEO agencies in Michigan is $1,000. These agencies are equipped to handle projects of various sizes, from small-scale initiatives to large-scale endeavors. They have the expertise and resources to deliver effective solutions to meet specific project needs.

What is the average employee size in SEO agencies in Michigan?


SEO agencies in Michigan maintain a diverse workforce, with an average of 10-49 employees. This ensures they have the necessary talent and skills to efficiently handle client projects, delivering high-quality results within the specified timeframe.

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