Maximize your sales with intelligent, Amazon-like recommendations.

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Meet Marsel.

Our newly launched Shopify app!

Marsel powers Shopify stores with smart product recommendations. Maximize every sale, and drive higher AOVs with every purchase.

Unlock the magic that drives 35%* of Amazon’s eCommerce revenue.

With Marsel, you can

Upsell Bundles

Upsell premium variants or showcase products that are frequently bought together.

Cross-sell Products

Bundle and cross-sell complementary and related products. Leverage your store data!

Sell Post-purchase

Boost your bottom line with a strategically placed product showcase in the Thank You page.

Integrate products anywhere in the purchase flow

Product Page

Cart Page

Post Purchase

We’ve designed Marsel for every store!

Customizable UI

With API Access



Latest OS 2.0

Theme Support