We made mattress shopping dreamy with Huxberry

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A mission to make mattress shopping easy

Huxberry was on a mission to reimagine mattress shopping in the UAE.

Created with a vision to revolutionize the way the mattress industry worked, the team at Huxberry was out to deliver deep and revitalizing sleep using the very best in sleep science, materials, and craftsmanship. Their products were designed on a simple principle of zero compromises.

Huxberry needed a design, development, and marketing partner to shape their online store experience, simplify mattress shopping with intelligent design, and create and implement a GTM strategy.


You snooze, you lose.

While we were thrilled to work with Huxberry’s founders, it was a challenging category.

It’s important to understand that before Casper kicked off the eCommerce revolution in the category, mattresses were primarily sold offline in retail stores. 

And eCommerce brought new challenges into the buying process. Let’s consider the customer’s journey, for example:

  1. An average mattress has a lifespan of 8 years, making it a one-time purchase

  2. Customers prefer to touch, feel, and lie on mattresses before choosing one

  3. Personal preferences (like back pain and sleeping hot) drive purchase decisions

  4. Mattress materials and composition can be confusing to an average consumer

  5. Since it’s a high-value purchase, the attribution window for sales is long

  6. Customers also expect instant sales assistance and feedback loops

  7. Customized payment plans are needed to counter the high costs

And that’s just customer acquisition.

While planning our UI/UX design, we also had to account for:

  1. Easier product discovery across mattresses, beds, and bedding

  2. Customer education about mattress layers and characteristics

  3. Simplifying product bundling for higher AOVs

These were some of the challenges we had to consider while building the storefront.


We helped customers discover their comfort zone

Our team of consultants helped Huxberry:

  1. Design and build their Shopify store

  2. Create a go-to market strategy for the initial launch

  3. Drive traffic to their website through performance marketing

  4. Setup marketing automation and email cadences for customers

Let’s skip the usual (we built a lightning-fast Shopify store), and focus on our other initiatives.

Sharing the best of sleep science

Traditional mattress retailers use confusing jargon and complex technologies to intimidate audiences and remove their decision making autonomy. The sheer complexity of the features and wide range of product variants often creates a need for a sales assistant, who then drives decision-making. 

We intended to break this cycle by educating our customers.

We used content and visual design extensively to improve product awareness, rather than overwhelming customers with data. For this, we:

  1. Crafted rich PDPs with 3D renders, mattress layers, FAQs, and firmness guides

  2. Highlighted warranty and shipping related information across all touchpoints

  3. Designed an accessible and free Mattress Buying Guide as a lead magnet

  4. Built an easily navigable product comparison module to differentiate features

  5. Created a blog (SEO) strategy for answering common customer queries

The entire shopping experience was designed to blend content and commerce.

Driving engagement with a mattress shopping guide

As part of our plan to simplify online mattress shopping, we created a downloadable and mobile-friendly Mattress Shopping Guide. This guide helped customers:

  1. Understand mattress cores, materials, and layers better

  2. Find mattresses based on sleeping positions and preferences

  3. Make better decisions for their entire family (elderly/light sleepers) 

This guide also helped Huxberry build a high-intent email list and nurture audience interest online.

Bringing customers back with personalized emails

Mattresses are lifestyle purchases, so we brought our A-game to craft persuasive emails with high clickthrough rates (CTR). Using effective segmentation, we created dedicated email flows to identify friction and address their concerns.

We used Klaviyo for email automation, and built custom sequences for:

  1. New Customer Journey & Welcome Series

  2. Frequent Website Visitor Flow

  3. Cart and Checkout Abandonment Flows

  4. Nurture Sequences for Reviews, UGC, and Feedback

  5. New Product Updates

This, paired with the Mattress Shopping Guide, established a strong foundation for our marketing efforts.

Building a brand from the ground up

Our copywriters and designers used Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger as key touch-points to build the brand story and showcase product benefits. 

We also crafted performance marketing assets and high conversion landing pages for Huxberry’s marketing campaigns, to match the user intent and deliver a great post-click experience.

Our marketing efforts delivered an 82% increase in cart to checkout conversions and a 261% increase in store sales between Huxberry’s pilot campaigns and our team’s official go-to-market (GTM) launch.